Kyuki-do class tonight. Pretty fun, we did monkey rolls in the warmup, that’s always good for a laugh and a bump or two. Then we did line kicking drills for the whole class. Tons a fun!

I feel much better today. I ate a lot cleaner and got about 10 hours of sleep last night. I hit a lull in the afternoon so I took another 45 minute nap (ah, the joys of working from home!) I set up my jerry-rigged squat stands in the living room and did some sets of presses and back squats when I had a few moments throughout the day. Nothing too heavy, as my shoulder is still a little tender, but I did get up to 75 pounds on the press before it started to ache.

I’ve been working on my pull-ups too. I’m real close to a dead hang. If Iost 20 pounds I think I would have it no problem. Oh well, while I’m working on the weight loss I guess lifting that extra poundage will only make me stronger.


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