Kyuki-do and judo classes tonight. Kyuki-do was a blast, we usually do something fun after the test because everyone is sick of practicing. So tonight we did my favorite — jiu jitsu. I got to be the tori (person who does the technique) and Master E was the uki (person who has the technique done to them.) All of the techniques we demonstrated started with me on my back and him on top of me. It was kind of funny to be able to lay there and watch his face turn bright red as he explained to the class “See, she’s using her legs to cut off the flow of blood to my arteries. I hope I get this explained before I pass out.”

Judo was also a lot of fun. We practiced kuzushi (setting up the opponent for a throw), and being an empty jacket. Empty jacket means that you try to not be there when the opponent tries to kuzushi you. I loooove empty jacket. I’m much better at letting the opponent initiate and reacting than I am at initiating. When I try to start something I end up thinking too much, and that’s never good. 

Linda kept trying to do ippon seio nage on me all night long. She wouldn’t kuzushi or set me up, she’d just go right into the throw. I had plenty of time to just duck under her arm and reverse the throw. We must have done it twenty times with the same result, and she finally got frustrated and swung her arm back when I ducked. She caught me right in the eye with the back of her hand — pretty hard too. She didn’t knock me out, but I did see the white light ever so briefly. I think I might have a little shiner starting as well.

You know, the guys make a big deal of it when you accidentally kick them in their what-nots (always accidentally of course), and I’m sure it does hurt. But guys, you must realize that us girls have a little extra equipment up top. It’s not too pleasant to have someone’s forearm or fist mashed into your boobs all night. You be careful up there, and we’ll be careful down there. Know what I’m saying? And besides, they catch a knee to the groin, what, maybe once every couple of months? We have to deal with the boob issue all night, every time we throw. Like Master E always says, what goes around comes around.


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