8.23.08 – Judo Test

Judo belt test this morning. Same old, same old — I did just fine and am now a blue belt. I did rondori against Anja and I escaped from two pins. I could really feel the difference in my strength today. A year ago I wouldn’t have been able to even get out of a pin, but today I did it twice. Once I lifted her completely off of me with one leg and almost got an arm bar on her. I ended up losing the match because I thought Master E. told us to stop, so I did, but he didn’t and Anja threw me down. Oh well, I told her I was ready to lie down anyway. Later during the Kyuki-do test Master E had me put on a hogu and spar with Anja. I just smiled at her before we started and she said something about paybacks. Yes, indeed.

And… congratulations to my all time favorite basketball player, Becky Hammon. Becky scored 22 points and led Russia to the bronze medal in the Olympics today. Right on, Becky.


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