For time: 
40 Kettlebell swings
20 Pull-ups
32 Kettlebell swings
16 Pull-ups
24 Kettlebell swings
12 Pull-ups
16 Kettlebell swings
8 Pull-ups
8 Kettlebell swings
4 Pull-ups


I used a 25 pound plate for the swings and did jumping pull-ups. I’m really awful at pull-ups, I need to start working on them every day. All sets of swings were unbroken, which makes me think I should have gone heavier. It didn’t hurt nearly enough.

Some random thoughts:

1. I’ve been having some really odd cravings for bacon the last week. I tried turkey bacon, because someone told me it was awesome. It is not awesome, it’s revolting. That’s going to the dogs, literally, if I can convince them to eat it. Beetle refuses to eat Beggin Strips — apparently she can tell it’s not bacon, just like I can believe it’s not butter.

2. I find Usain Bolt’s behavior at the Olympics absolutely disgusting. Yes, he is incredibly talented and it’s fun to watch him run. But the primping, preening, chest thumping and dancing gets old real fast — like before the race even begins. For the record, I thought it was disgusting when the American track team members did it in previous Olympics too. I was rooting for American Walter Dix, he and Lolo Jones may not have won gold but they had great attitudes. 

3. I got up early this morning to watch USA vs. Russia in women’s basketball. I found myself rooting against my own country. Why? Becky Hammon, that’s why. Becky is from western South Dakota, which also happens to be where I’m from, so I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. She is arguably one of the best players in the country, and she didn’t even get invited to try out for the national team. Politics. It’s rumored that the head coach of the American team has a personal vendetta against good old All-American Becky. After it was clear she wasn’t going to be considered for the team Hammon and her agent sent letters to every single person on the selection board, asking if there was any chance at all she might make the team. They didn’t even bother to answer. So she signed a contract to play for the Russian team (she has dual citizenship), and lo and behold before the ink was hardly dry the Americans said, “Well, you can come try out if you want” knowing full well she couldn’t break her contract. Then the head coach and another player slammed her in the media and called her a traitor and un-American. 

First of all, it’s stupid and self-defeating to not even invite the best American player to try out for the team. Second, it’s a dirty trick to say you offered her a shot at the team after you know full well she can’t take it. Not an all out lie – but a blindingly glaring white one. Third, to then personally attack her for taking the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream? Cheap. Real cheap. 

I was hoping the Russians would win and Becky would score 30 points. But they lost, and Becky had an awful game. She didn’t get much playing time and was swarmed by the defense every time she touched the ball. She has had a great Olympics, though, leading the Russian team in scoring — and they still have a shot at the bronze. Go for it, Beck.


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