Kyuki-do class tonight. Mostly I was in teaching mode, so I didn’t get much of a workout. I stayed after and ran through the first six forms and Master E went through a new one with me. 

I was paired up with my nemesis, the cutely lethal six year old girl that I had a war of wills with last time. She was much more respectful this time and did everything I asked without any guff whatsoever. She went through her test form and anytime I stopped her and corrected something she really tried her best to do it. After class however, she through one heck of a temper tantrum. We were just getting ready to go through her bo form (which apparently was the very last thing on earth she wanted to do) when Master E asked us to stop and bow out so the people who needed to leave could go. She must have thought “Jackpot!” and ran to put her bo away. We bowed out and her dad said “We’re not leaving until you do that form.” I’ll spare the gory details of the fit, but it was a good one. She ended up doing the form, plus five pushups and five situps. I didn’t think of it at the time, but I should have made her apologize to her dad (and me) for being disrespectful. Master E tells us over and over that attitude is more important than ability. Kids get away with murder these days. If I would have treated my dad that way he would have tanned my hide, and then my mom would have tanned on the other side.

Before the fit though, I did have a rather amusing moment with her. She was asking me all sorts of personal questions. “How many kids do you have, are you married, etc.” I finally asked her why she needed to know all those things and she said “So when I’m looking around town for a boyfriend for you I’ll be able to pick out the right one.” Then she gave me a big wink and said “He’s gonna be really cute!”


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