3 rounds for time:

50 tuck jumps
50 supermans
50 situps


I started out doing back extensions (which was rx’d) but I rigged up another contraption for a GHD machine using two chairs, two 25# plates, two 20# dumbells, four wool socks and a pillow. It worked okay for about 15 reps, then I whacked my head on the floor, then I started to slide off the chair and I was only hanging on by my toes. My calves were taking most of the pressure and I was afraid they’d have catastrophic failure. Back in high school our track coach used to give us our yearly lecture about steroids, and he’d always tell the story about a guy who was roided up and ripped his calf muscle away from his bone and it rolled up inside his leg like a sardine. To this day I think about that whenever my calves get tight. I would imagine that would be unpleasant.

What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. So after about 25 back extensions I switched to supermans to avoid the super-icky calf muscle sardine rolling problem. Nice call, I would say.

Judo class tonight. We went through the whole test, nothing major. I felt really good, and strangely calm. Actually, I felt good all day. I must have slept really well, because I had loads of energy all day. My shoulder was getting sore by the end of class, but almost all the breakfalling and arm bars are on the left, so I should be okay for the test.


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