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Take that, you cheese-eating surrender monkeys! No offense to the people of France. I love France and French things. Frites, ganache — ganache in particular, I really love ganache. It’s just that maybe before you swim a race against one of the best swimmers in the history of the sport — you might want to keep your mouth shut and not give them anything to be pissed about. By far one of the greatest Olympic moments I’ve ever seen. The USA men’s 400-free relay team (whom the French team vowed to “smash”) broke the world record by four seconds and took the gold. Photo-finish, the Americans won by a nose-hair. Whoopsie!

In all fairness to France, I was rooting big time for the French woman swimmer to win the gold. She didn’t, but at least the Italian hussy that stole her boyfriend didn’t win either. (No offense, Italians. Have I mentioned how much I love ravioli?)

Melanie Roach (women’s weightlifing) was awesome! She was six for six in her lifts and set a new American record. Even though she finished out of the medals you could see the joy radiating off of her while she competed. That is what the Olympics should be about. 

100 Day Burpee Challenge: 18 burpees


5 thoughts on “More Olympics

  1. Tami, as a long time swimmer, I’ve watched a lot of races in my life. By far, this was the best relay I’ve ever seen. I don’t know if everyone understands swimming the way I do, but let me just say, the 100 m is an all out do or die sprint. To gain ground on someone in a relay that involves 100’s is insanely difficult, even moreso at the Olympic level. What happened in that final 15 meters is nothing short of heroic, and next to impossible. The French swimmer didn’t hold anything in his tank and he should have. Perhaps his confidence got to him, I don’t know, but if you watch, Lezak built the last 15M in, while he faded. That’s insanely difficult to do. I’ll compare it to doing Fran in about 1:30. It’s that gut wrenching. But awesome. I agree with you that perhaps the French should not have been so optimistic, however, their downfall was USA’s gain. The French gave them lockerroom material. We all know that’s a bad idea. 🙂

  2. Yep, one of the best Olympic moments I’ve ever seen. Probably in my top three, with Jackie Joyner-Kersee winning the bronze in long jump in Athens with a torn hamstring, and Keri Strug also in Athens nailing the final vauilt with a sprained ankle to cement the team gold medal. I’m such an Olympics geek.

    So I suppose the 100 in swimming is like the 400m in track — short enough to be a sprint but long enough to hurt like hell while you’re doing it? Another thing that was remarkable about the race was how many teams broke the previous world record (I think maybe it was five teams), and the huge margin by which the Americans broke it (over 4 seconds.) At the world class level in any sport, that is HUGE. Unbelievable.

  3. LOL… I’ll forgive you Tami. And yes, the 100M in swimming is like the 400. It’s long enough not to be a sprint, but not to be a distance either. It’s just gut wrenching. And when you get to the top of the sport, the differentials between the fastest guys are so slim, that’s part of what makes making up that difference so hard. When you are 46.8 and the guy next to you goes 48.9… to gain distance on him is very difficult, especially when they have the lead. Insane relay.

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