Today I happened upon the notebook I used to log my workouts when I started dabbling in CrossFit over a year ago. The first workout I ever attempted was “Elizabeth” 21-15-9 reps of cleans and ring dips. I used a five pound medicine ball for the cleans and did assisted dips off of two chairs. I cut the rounds down to 21-9-3 and I only lasted four and half minutes. Five pounds! I remember collapsing in a puddle after that one, too. And it’s not like I was some couch potato or anything. I ran a lot, and did the standard alternating upper/lower body weightlifting thing three days a week.

Here are some of my starting and current totals:

Box jump – then 6″ – now 18″ = increase of 12″

Thruster – then 28# – now 75# = increase of 47#

Front Squat – then 43# – now 120# = increase of 77#

Back Squat – then 63# – now 163# = increase of 100#

Deadlift – then 53# – now 213# = increase of 160#

Shoulder press – then 58# – now 83# = increase of 25#

Push Press – then 48# – now 93# = increase of 45#

Push Jerk – then 48# – now 103# = increase of 55#

Clean – then 53# – now 103# = increase of 50#

I actually haven’t recently repeated any of the benchmark workouts I did back then. (My pitiful, aborted Elizabeth; “Annie” with tuck jumps in 14:16; “Cindy” 13.75 rounds; “Jason” 46:33 with dips + pullups subbed for muscle ups.) I look forward to doing these workouts in the near future to compare my times.

One thing I haven’t improved on in the last year has been my weight. Actually, the way I’ve been eating for the last year it’s a miracle that I haven’t gained twenty pounds. It’s actually stayed about the same, which is a great testament to CrossFit. Work out an average of 15 minutes a day, eat like a horse on speed, and gain not a pound.

My goals for the next year are:

1. Lose 20 pounds
2. Get a dead hang pull-up
3. Get kipping pull-ups and do workouts as RX’d
4. Get an unassisted dip
5. Don’t get hurt

100 Day Burpee Challenge: 16 burpees

Skill work: Shoulder press 5-5-5-5-5 – 65# on all sets

The burpees are really starting to work. I’ve been throwing in sets of push-ups throughout the day for the last few weeks too. Today I breezed right through the first ten. Kind of one of those “Ah, ha! This is what it feels like to be strong” moments.


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