100 Day Burpee Challenge: 15 burpees

Judo class tonight. It lasted an hour and half and my knees still felt good afterwards so I decided not to do a CrossFit workout. You know, I’m really not very good at judo, but I do think that I’m good at break falling (except for tomoe nage – I have some sort of spastic/mental handicap on that one.) I actually take pride in a nice, solid breakfall on ippon or tai o toshi.

Probably the best moment I’ve ever had in a belt test was a breakfall. I was partnered with Joey, who’s about a foot taller than me. He doesn’t hold back, he picked me up on his shoulder on ippon seio nage and really let me fly. I can still hear the the way the sound of my hand hitting the mat cracked and echoed through the dojo like a gunshot. Everyone in the audience went “Ooooooohhhh.” Nice. And, and — we were right in front of the judges table where the Korean Grand Master was sitting. Although, being a five time Korean judo champion and world competitor he was probably stifling a yawn instead of saying “Oooooooohhh” with everyone else. But still, it’s my favorite martial arts moment.


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