Interesting link here:


According to the charts I’m Intermediate in the press, close to intermediate in the squat, between intermediate and advanced in the deadlift, and intermediate on the clean.

“Intermediate: A person who has engaged in regular training for up to two years. The intermediate level indicates some degree of specialization in the exercises and a high level of performance at the recreational level.”

I find this very surprising because my “regular training” has been hitting the CrossFit WOD pretty much every day for about three months. I looked back at my log and I’ve done deadlifts seven times in the last year (including deads as part of a WOD, like Diane.) When I first started dabbling with CrossFit about a year ago, I did Diane and used 53 pounds for the deadlift. Holy Schnikes I was weak!

But still, by CrossFit standards I would not consider myself strong. I don’t have a deadhang pullup, or an unassisted dip, or not surprisingly a muscle up. I look at Nicole, Annie, or someone like AllisonNYC and think “I’m not even close to them.” Well, yeah, duh! I’m not them, I’m me. My martial arts sensei always tells us “Don’t copy someone else, you’ll only be a poor copy of that person. Be the best that you can be with your abilities.” All I can do is keep working, try my hardest and wherever I end up is where I end up.

Sparring class later tonight. We had fun: kicked pads, kicked each other, kicked things through the ceiling. Good times.


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