I went to two Tai’Chi classes, one Kyuki-do class, and one Judo class today. Whew! I tweaked my knee in one of the first moves in the second Tai’Chi class. I know, Tai’Chi! It felt ok until the last throw in judo, I caught my foot on the mat and someone swept my leg and crunched my knee pretty good. Darn trick knee. Not nearly as much fun as a trick pony.

Then tonight after I got home I did:

Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

100/105/105/110/115 (pounds)

That felt good, and I was happy with it, especially since my one rep max is currently 125. That was during the last CrossFit Total, and I wasn’t satisfied with that at all, it just felt bad. I watched a bunch of videos on the main site (Coach Rip), and really concentrated on my form tonight.

OK, I go sleep now.


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