Absolutely gorgeous day here — 70 degrees, the bluest sky I’ve ever seen. I went for a long hike on the trails today, an excellent opportunity to expose my blindingly white legs to the sun. Not sure of the distance, I think it’s around 4.65 miles. One hour 28 minutes. I found an eagle feather laying on the ground and almost stepped on two blue racer snakes.

I have no soreness whatsoever from yesterday’s WOD. One month ago when I did Angie I couldn’t raise my arms for four days, and now after a workout with 100 pullups and 200 squats I have no DOMS at all. Awesome.

Nutrition: 791 calories, 20.9 g Fat (24%), 82.7 g Carb (40%), 71.0 g Protein (36%). 2 ZMA tabs before bed.


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