Warmup 2×10:
Hang power cleans 30#
Front squats 30#
Push press 30#


The Bear Complex

5 Rounds, 7 sets of the following sequence:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Rest between rounds as needed.
Notes: The Power clean must be separate from the front squat. No resting on the ground during rounds, not even to re-grip. You want to be at max load by round 4 or 5.


This one is deceptive for a max load workout. The first few reps always seem easy, but by the time you get to rep 6 or 7, CrossFit smacks you upside the head and says “You want a max? Here it is punk, deal with it!”

I actually enjoyed this one a lot. I worked up a nice sweat, too (also unusual for a max load WOD), and rested my aching knees.


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