Kyuki-do and judo classes tonight. KK class was great, we did some fun stuff and really worked up a sweat. I had a blast. Unfortunately, I somehow hurt my knee. It felt great for the last week, but in judo it was just awful, I could barely do anything. And I have a nasty cramp in my hamstring right above my knee. I got kicked really hard by a calf in about the same spot a few days ago, so it could be something with that.

Speaking of calves, and branding, Mom and I branded about 20 calves this morning. She said “I’m going to time us and see how long this takes.” Branding for time! Made me think of CrossFit Alexandria’s shirt that has a big picture of a stop watch and says “I do everything for time.” It took us 1 hour 5 minutes. Not bad for two people doing three jobs apiece.


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