Workout was Four rounds, each for time of: 800 meter run. I ran outside on the trails and had no way to measure distance so I just ran four hard repeats of 5 minutes each. I have no idea how far I went, but I went hard enough that it hurt. The burn means it’s working!

I felt great until the last repeat, and my leg and knee stiffened up. It was cold, wet and muddy so it probably wasn’t the brightest idea to go running today. After I came home and sat at the desk for a while I could hardly put any weight on my knee, so I skipped martial arts classes tonight. I went and watched but didn’t take my uniform. I knew if I did I would probably do class, and I would probably do too much and probably hurt myself even more, and probably be sitting here cursing my rotten judgment. Sometimes you just need to know when to back off.


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