Kyuki-do and Judo classes tonight. My first class as a black belt. I completely spaced and forgot to bow everyone in at the beginning of class — I’m all out of whack because I line up in a different spot now!

KK was ok. Judo was hard. I was ready for it to be over about an hour before it was really over. I was overjoyed that we didn’t have to do tome-nage. I still hate that throw.

I was wondering how much difference my month of CrossFit would make in the classes. Two things I noticed right away: judo pushups were a breeze, and my balance was rock solid when we did the kicking techniques. Usually we kick with the back leg from a front stance, and I have trouble with my balance. Not tonight. I wonder if it’s from the Oly lifting, overhead squats and air squats?

After I got home and rested a bit I did a make-up CrossFit workout of Thrusters 1/1/1/1/1/1/1:



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