Warmup 2×10:

Squat cleans – 25 pounds
Overhead squats – 25 pounds


Five rounds for time of:
55 pound Hang Power Snatch, 15 reps
Run 400 meters


I wanted to quit so bad. I wanted to quit in the middle of round one. But I didn’t – small victories. Kind of like in judo when the 6’6″ guy grabs you and does ippon — and you are at the top of the arc there is a little pause where you have time to think about the fall, and the ground and how hard you are going to hit, and you think “Why in the world am I doing this to myself?” While you are suspended in the air, or when a heavy bar is sailing over your head for the 90th time in the last 20 minutes, you just want to hit the pause button and go “No, enough. This is crazy.” But you just keep going, and lo and behold you finish and do something you didn’t think you could, no matter how small or simple. Then when someone asks you what you did today and you tell them, you get that priceless look — that “you’re a few bricks short” look. Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.

Pain is my companion.


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