Fasting & weight loss

Found an interesting article here about how fasting every other day can lead to successful weight loss. On the non-fasting days you are allowed to eat whatever you want. Sounds interesting, but when I calculated my daily calorie requirements I found out I am supposed to be consuming about 2600 calories per day (2100 if I did not exercise). I categorized myself as moderately active, with 15 minutes of intense circuit training (CrossFit) and 30 minutes of martial arts per day. Some days that would be an underestimation. So every other day I should be eating 780 calories and the next day 3380 calories. Averaged over a 2 day period that is -600 calories than my daily requirement, or -300 per day.

First of all, I’m not sure I could eat 3380 calories per day without consuming a lot of junk. And I don’t know how healthy that would be. Although the thought of a bowl of ice cream and a cheeseburger every other day does sound appealing…. Maybe I’ll experiment with that after my black belt test.


7 rounds for time of:
95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 10 reps (sub 45 pounds)
10 Ring dips (sub paralell dips, one foot on bench)

Time: 8:00

Went to the dojang early and practiced forms. Then taught the 6:15 class, then went to judo. Judo was hard. We did all the throws, then one minute drills. There were five people so it was like a five minute sprint. Then, five one-minute sprints. I was tuckered out at the end, my quads were burning. They said my hair was sticking up all over and my gi was all untucked. I must have been a sight. We randoried a few matches then called it a night.


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