Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press (sub strict pullups)
Pull-ups (sub jumping)

Pushups: 16/14/13/11/10
Pull-ups: 19/14/14/14/15

I tried to just barely push with my toes on the jumping pullups. On the last set I think I pushed off with my legs a little more, accounting for the extra reps.

Later I went to Tai’Chi, Kyuki-do and Judo classes. We did hand and foot techniques in Kyuki-do, then I worked with Sedona on one-step sparring and self defense techniques.

In judo we did three or four rounds of random throws. We just went around the circle and did whatever throw we wanted. Then we did randori for the rest of the class. Linda put me in a headlock, threw me to the ground and landed with her full weight right on my ribs. Ouch. Thought I was going to puke there for a second. That is a unique kind of pain. Then the second time we randoried she did the same thing and landed on the exact same spot. In another match we both kind of pulled each other to the ground and she jumped on me and laid right on my ribs again. I told her if she ever breaks anything I’m just going to sit on it. I think I’ll call her the “Crusher” from now on.

What I ate:



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