Kyuki-do and judo class tonight. There was a prospective student in observing the Kyuki-do class, so Master E worked us out hard to show us off. The hardest classes always seem to happen when there is a fish on the line. Mmmmm, fresh blood.

They left before judo started, but we still worked out hard. Actually, we always work out hard in judo. Someone commented that Friday sparring class is the best session of the week because it’s the only time they really get a sweat going. Ha! Try getting mashed into the ground for an hour and a half. That’s good exercise. Not that sparring isn’t, because that is difficult too, but you can avoid contact in tae kwon do sparring. Kinda hard to do that in judo.


2 thoughts on “1.10.08

  1. Hi Fabio, I am from Pierre, South Dakota. I train at AKF Martial arts in Pierre with Master Larry Engelhardt.

    I hope you are enjoying Kyuki-do, I think it is a fantastic martial art. Good luck in your training.

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