Day 16 – Martial Arts + Running

Went out to the trails in the morning and ran and did some intervals. 2.67 miles, 35:12, 13:10 p/m pace.

3 hours Kyuki-Do class. Helped with the little kids class, worked out at the adult class and the advanced class later. Still running through stuff for the test.

Looking at myself in the mirror at class I just get disgusted with how huge my rear end is. Gotta get rid of that, it’s in my way. On the plus side, I weighed this morning and I’m not as heavy as I thought I was. 136.6. If I try to get down to 115 that’s 21.6 more pounds. I don’t know, I’ll see how I feel (and look) when I get down below 130. The only other time I was below that weight was last year after I had the flu for 5 days. It felt good to be that skinny — except for the parts where I couldn’t sit up or walk more that 10 feet at a time.

Using the pic of this chick for motivation:

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